Vision and Corporate policy

(Quality / Safety / Environment)


Koch AG is a well-established company, which  since its founding days specializes in producing  high-quality, legally conform printed matter and wrapping material. Our strength is our high production capacity, which is based on state-of-the-art technology as well as modern  operating procedures besides high productivity standards.

Timely delivery and flexibility are appreciated by our clients. They are the basis of our success.

The relationship with our clients is based on the idea of a long-term partnership. Market-conform pricing of our products ensures continuity of our quality standards as well as the competitiveness of our products.

Management is governed by  firmly established business objectives, which are well documented and periodically reviewed.

Our staff is the foundation of our success. The individual members form a highly motivated team of skilled experts, who take their responsibility serious towards our clients and their demands. They are fully committed to the corporate goals and objectives.

To successfully attain our business goals we must ensure adequate profitability. Profits allow us to continue to invest in modern technology and staff-training. This ensures continuity of product quality and productivity, security of the workplaces as well as the business success of our company long-term.
Innovations are based on client needs, market and quality requirements as well as safety, hygiene and environmental standards.

By introducing the food-production standards BRC V5, High Hygiene risk classification ‘A’ our company guarantees quality and hygiene standards, as well as product safety and environmental measures to conform to the standards of our clients of the food industry.